Practice Manager


Dipika is a registered Veterinary Technologist: she studied Bachelor of Science and Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Sciences at the University of Auckland, then, given her love of animals, went off to Massey University to study Bachelor of Veterinary Technology. 

In 2020, Dipika joined the Massey University Veterinary Teaching Hospital as part of their Emergency and Critical Care team, followed by Surgery & Sterile Supplies team. Dipika moved back to Auckland in 2022 and has gained new specialised skills working for a dental specialist and a dermatologist. She is passionate about providing Gold-Standard patient and client care and developing strong relationships with not only her team but the clients too. 

Dipika loves to spend time with her family: husband Donovan; three dogs Ruby, Baron & Dani; and Ingwe their kitten. Her favourite thing to do is cook new foods with her husband and build on her baking skills. She is currently trialing dog-friendly cupcake recipes!  

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